Urethane Specialties, Inc. - Nashville Tennessee

Urethane Specialties, Inc. - Nashville Tennessee
Serving Industry with Custom Molded Polyurethane

Urethane Specialties manufactures molded and machined polyurethane (liquid cast polyurethane elastomers) products for industry. Polyurethane (sometimes called just urethane) is resistent to harsh chemicals and abrasion. Urethane Specialties, located in Goodlettsville, TN just north of Nashville, makes custom molded urethane products using high grade liquid cast polyurethane resins.

Our polyurethane products range from custom molded shapes such as gear cogs, abrasive resistant nozzles, automotive bushings for classic cars and tapered rollers to stocked items such as polyurethane sheets and pads, polyurethane round bar, polyurethane tubing and polyurethane square bar stock of various dimensions, hardnesses and colors.

Our customers, located throughout the US and Canada, range from large automobile and aviation manufactures to small niche industries, with orders ranging from one-time single piece items to reoccuring orders of hundreds per month.

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